My fellow Texans,

Back in 2014, with zero name recognition and around 70 thousand dollars, I garnered nearly 11% of the republican primary against 7 others running for the U.S. Senate seat still occupied by John Cornyn.

That experience taught me that while money is extremely important to running a successful campaign, truth is exponentially more important. It also taught me that you cannot start a campaign too early.

It is because of these lessons learned and a motivation to see someone in that seat who will represent the best interests of Texas and who will perform the duties of that office in a manner consistent with its original design, I have decided to run again for the U.S. Senate occupied by John Cornyn. His third term (18 years) in office expires in 2020, and we Texans need to make sure it will be his last.

If you are done with politically connected personalities being pushed on you by the establishment and you are ready to finally support a native Texan who is just one of us, I need YOU.

If you can clearly see the insanity of having the daily lives of over 320 million people across 50 different States being ruled over by a small elite political class and their friends, I need YOU.

The solution is #LessDCMoreTX, and if you are looking for a Texan that will actually adhere to such fundamental republican principles as limited constitutional government (liberty), individual responsibility, spending only what is absolutely necessary, avoiding debt, sane foreign policies, and protecting the best interests of Texas no matter what, I need YOU.

I urge YOU to get behind my campaign financially, now, at this very moment. Please help me prepare for the 2020 Senate race and let's start focusing on Putting Texas First.

Dwayne Stovall - 5th Generation Texan
Candidate for U.S. Senate (2020)